From Miss to Mrs

Friday, 14 August 2015

Well, it has been a long time!!!! Since May! WOW!!! Time has flown by so quickly! I really didn't think that a year of wedding preparations would fly by so fast. But hey... What can I say, the wedding was the best day of my life.

I am so happy! They say that you don't feel different when married, and that it is just a ring on the finger. But seriously... You do feel different. You feel complete. You feel like a real woman.

Things haven't changed at all. We still live our beautiful life the same as before. We both have our jobs and love spending time with each other when we can. My crazy shift work is the only thing that keeps us apart sometimes, but it is nice to get home and have your husband waiting for you or vice versa.

If you would like me to post our wedding day let me know. I will be happy to share with you our day and any ideas or thoughts that may help you.

Let me know

Lots of love

Debbie Rodrigues x

A bit of a change...

Sunday, 10 May 2015

So I decided to start changing my blog a teeney weeney bit and blog not only about the beauty products I love, but also about things in life. Sharing moments with you and bring some sunshine and happy reading into your lives.

I'll start blogging about the fun little things and what I get up to on a daily basis... 

After all...

And those little moments, I'll definitely share with you!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday!!

Lots of love x

Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's been a while since I last blogged about what products I've been loving. I guess planning a wedding takes up all the time in the world but every second is worth the work.

I recently went to Bicester Village for a bit of shopping and of course one of the places I had to stop at was The Cosmetics Company Store. You can pick up lots of fantastic beauty products for great prices. Of course, I was tempted in buying everything and ended up buying yet another NUDE nail varnish. Yes I love my nudes as you know. Be it lipstick or nail varnish!

I bought the Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Laquer in Bare - (PC NAIL M0 BARE) just in case you need the actual product name.

The consistency of the varnish is quite creamy and rich. It's quite a peachy colour when it goes on. One coat is not enough to get the actual colour. Two coats is perfect.

Has anyone else tried this beautiful nude colour? 

DUPE ALERT!!! - MAC Subculture

Saturday, 21 February 2015

So after a quick visit to MAC to buy my products in need... Which always seem to run out at the same time, I thought I would try the MAC's Subculture lip liner. And as it was the last one on the shelf, I thought to myself, I better grab it now! 

So about the lip liner

As with all MAC lip liners, it goes on smoothly and evenly. However on my skin tone, and I'm an NC20, it dies on me and my lips look like there is no life to them. I always like to colour them all in with the lip liner as it acts as a base and makes my lipstick last the whole day. I find that I have to put a pop of colour to liven them up and not only just a gloss.

Now onto the post title... DUPE! Yes, I found a Dupe for this lip liner and funny enough, I had actually spoken about it on a recent post I did. My Kylie Jenner DUPES. 

They are both really amazing lip liners. And I can honestly say I found no difference in them whatsoever except for the price of course.

How many of you have tried Subculture? Or even Caramel Nougat? Let me know your thoughts or even other DUPES.

Have a lovely Saturday!

Much love x

Sleek Face Form in Light

Friday, 20 February 2015

Last week I was a model for a friend of mine who is starting up her own little business as a make up artist for asian brides and events, and one of the products she used on me was this amazing palette by Sleek. It's called the Sleek Face Form and it is amazing! I love the design of the palette and how sleek it is. 

The first time I used it, I found the contour powder a bit ashy on the face and it reminded me of the Benefit Hoola which I only use in the evening or on a night out as it is quite dark. However it is very beautiful. 

The highlight is amazing and had a beautiful iridescent sheen. The blush is very beautiful when on. It is more of a rose gold tone. All the colours mix into a beautiful healthy look on the skin. 

I bought the Face Form in the shade Light but I feel that I can only use it in the evening as the colours are quite strong for the day. I'm an NC20 for those of you who want to know what skin tone I am. I'll definitely use it during the day in the summer. It will give you a beautiful beach babe summer look. 

Also what I didn't know was that Face Form is the sister product of the Face Contour Kit.

The colour ranges are Fair, Light, Medium & Dark.

As I love this product, I'll definitely be purchasing it in Fair so that I can use it during the day.

I have to also say I really am loving their packaging. It look gorgeous in your make up bag and really is very 'Sleek'

Let me know what you think. Has anyone also purchased this gorgeous palette?

Lots of love x

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Thursday, 12 February 2015

So if there is one exfoliator I am totally faithful to, it has to be the amazing One-Step Gentle Exfoliator Cleanser with Orange Extracts by Clarins. I cannot count the number of times I have re purchased this amazing product and not only that, I have actually convinced a lot of people into also purchasing this exfoliator. One of my closest friends bought it last week as she was in need of one and of course, I had to drag her to a Clarins counter. You can check out her amazing blog

So back to this wonderful product...

This exfoliator couldn't get any more gentle that it is. It feels so amazing on the skin and so refreshed once you use it. The smell is amazing especially when you use it in the morning. You can actually feel the skin clean with no traces of dirt. I have actually then toned my skin and have taken the cotton pad away with no traces of make up. It removes embedded impurities and dead surface cells to reveal only glowing skin. It's fantastic for flaky skin. Removes everything within minutes only to reveal clear glowing skin.

"Orange extract softens, refreshes and revives. Moringa Seed extract purifies and refines while preserving your skin’s natural moisture level. Gentle Silica Microbeads tackle clogged pores. Now that’s refreshing!" - Clarins


- Gentle cleansing agents: remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse.

- Moringa seed extract: detoxifies by removing the residue and neutralising the effects of toxic air-pollution.

- Orange extract: refreshes, tones, revives.

- Two types of microbeads: clear pores and polish away unwanted surface oils and dead skin cells

The Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliator is fantastic for all skin types - Normal, Dry, Combination and Oily and this makes it a really special exfoliator.

Have you tried the Clarins One-Step Exfoliator? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Debbie x

Kylie Jenner Dupes

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

So everyone has been going on about Kylie Jenner'a amazing makeup and what colour she uses on her lips. I have found a few DUPES which might help in achieving that same Kylie Jenner signature look.

I have found that the next three lip products I have used are really similar to what she uses. And they are not expensive at all. I have used them myself and confess that they are very similar to what she has.

1. Maxfactor Lipliner - 06 Mauve Moment

Having nothing else but this lipliner on is beautiful. Not only do I line my lips but I also fill them in with the lipliner. May I also say that the lasting power is fab!

2. MUA Make Up Academy Lipliner - Caramel Nougat

This is a great lipliner dupe but I feel it goes well with the lipstick below, just to give the lips that extra ooompf

3. Maybelline Lipstick Color Sensational 725 Tantalizing Taupe 

Great lipstick  which can be used on its own even without the lipliner. It's a great on the go lipstick.

These three products I feel are really good dupes for the Kylie Jenner signature look. If I find anymore dupes I shall let you know. 

Good luck girls and if you know of any dupes let me know so I can also try them!

Love Debbie x

Sleek Eyebrow Kit

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

So I brought the Sleek Eyebrow Kit as I have heard a lot of good things about this little palette.

I love the packaging. It's the perfect size to carry around in your make up bag.

So it comes with a mirror, two brushes and a pair of tweezers. It's quite hard to hold these brushes as they are quite small. So when I used them on me, I felt it was hard to control when filling in the brows. I ended up using my own slanted brush.

So the kit comes with pigmented wax for shaping and powder for setting and when I say pigmented... I mean pigmented! To be honest I only use it for an evening look. For the day time it is way too much. But as an overall product it is amazing!!! 

The kit comes in 4 different colours ranging from light to dark. 
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